One of the hardest parts about apartment hunting: deciding exactly where your ideal location is. There are so many individual factors to weigh as you try to decide where your new home is going to be located. Do you want to be near shopping/grocery stores? Public transportation? Hospitals? Schools? It can be pretty daunting to make those decisions without doing a significant amount of research and thinking about what will be most important to you. We’ll talk a little bit about our portfolio of properties around Greater Moncton, which will give you a good sense of what might be the best fit for your individual needs!



Our Moncton apartments are in some of the best locations around the city. Our buildings on Savoie Dr., Connaught Ave., Oakland Ave., and Humphrey St. are ideally situated near the Moncton Hospital and Mountain Road. There are schools nearby (including NBCC) and lots of access to public transport. These properties are centrally located, as far as access to the entirety of Moncton is concerned. Only a few minutes from Downtown Moncton, and from many of the shopping centres in this part of the city – this is one of the best all-around areas of Moncton to live in. Everything you need is within a reasonable distance, regardless of your personal transportation methods.


Seville-managed apartments near the Elmwood Drive area (Morton Ave., Donovan Terr., MacAleese Ln., Donald Ave., Bliss St., and McLaughlin Place) also have great access to a number of desirable amenities in the city. Students looking for apartments near Universite de Moncton will find that these apartments are perfect for their daily commute to campus. This part of the city is also seeing some development with the new Costco location and other retail/storefronts being developed. Public transportation is also easily accessible from this part of the city. Slightly further from downtown, but overall, there are a lot of pros to living in this area. 


For those looking to rent as close to downtown as possible, our building on Weldon provides the ideal balance of proximity to nightlife, while still being just out of the way enough that traffic/noise outside the building is minimal and non-intrusive.



Love waking up on Saturday mornings to hit the market for breakfast and local produce? Then 226 Acadia Ave. is the perfect spot for you! You’ll also be located very close to Champlain Place and access to public transportation is great in this part of town. Dieppe is a growing, vibrant community and a fantastic place to call home. Being located near central Dieppe and not far from Downtown Moncton are factors worth seriously considering for your new home!



In many ways, Riverview is one of the most desirable places to live in the Greater Moncton area. Being a smaller, quieter town that still has extremely easy access to Moncton is a huge plus. While public transportation is accessible – living in Riverview does lend itself well to those that are also equipped with their own form of transportation. Our Grandview Terrace building is positioned centrally in Riverview. Grocery, pharmacy, and a number of other amenities are within walking distance – and there are also a number of schools very close-by. Riverview has all the charm of a small town, without feeling disconnected and out of the way from Moncton.


Equipped with this information, you’re able to make an informed decision about which Seville Properties could be right for you. Greater Moncton has a lot to offer, you’ll find that no matter where you live, everything feels easy to access and connected – plus each part of the city has some great local offerings/businesses to familiarize yourself with. 


Happy apartment hunting!